Susan M.(non-registered)
Stunning website! Thank you for sharing your photos!!!
Keep up your amazing talent for photographing nature!!
Your Photography is just
Breath taking. I met you
at the frog. We were getting water. I will come back often to see whats new. Be very proud,your pictures are wonderful.. The iceberg is
truely a captivating gem.
Im in Awe!!
Thank you for sharing with us
Gilbert. These have cheered up my day. ..
Stay safe,
Dawn from
Cresent heights:)
Hey Gilbert,

I met you when I was kayaking today on the Batsto river. I like your work! I don’t have a site up, but I have been thinking about making one. If you have Instagram or have access to it you can see my work at @image_nomad.
Grant McElhinney(non-registered)
I saw your iceberg photo in Outdoor Photographer, and had to look at your other photos. Very impressive. It's also good to see results from another Pentax user.
Melissa M Cruise(non-registered)

Just stunning work. SO impressed!
Big Al(non-registered)

LOVE your work!!! You have capture the moment.
Jessica Clark(non-registered)
I realized my calendar is just about to end, so i decided to come look at your site. As always, absolutely beautiful!
John Anderson(non-registered)
I waited too long to visit your site.
Darlene Kwiatkowski(non-registered)
Beautiful work!! ... Dar :)
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